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Our GitLab Professional Service


Our services for implementing GitLab are designed to facilitate a swift integration of your GitLab solution, ensuring your organization promptly harnesses the benefits of your GitLab purchase. Our team of engineers assists in the seamless installation and configuration of your GitLab solution, aiming for optimal performance. A dedicated NG SOFT expert collaborates with your team to architect and provide guidance on best practices, maximizing the value derived from your GitLab investment. With years of experience in deploying, scaling, and securing GitLab installations, our professional service team is well-equipped to handle deployments on various targets, including cloud providers such as AWS, GCP, Azure, or on-premises data centers.

Migration and Support

The data in your version-controlled source code is invaluable, and ensuring its immediate accessibility is crucial for uninterrupted continuity. Our GitLab migration services are designed to expedite the transition to GitLab, enabling your business to swiftly resume operations.

While using any software, inquiries about its functionality, performance, and operability are inevitable. It's essential to have access to experts who can provide assistance promptly. To address the needs of GitLab users and ensure swift issue resolution, we've assembled a team of experienced GitLab consulting specialists at your service. Whether you opt for standard support or require an individual SLA, we are committed to finding a unique solution tailored to your specific requirements.


GitLab, offering a comprehensive solution spanning all DevOps lifecycle stages, facilitates effective collaboration among team members during code development. While self-learning the functionality can be time-intensive, we recommend engaging in a training session with NG SOFT experts. By doing so, you'll gain in-depth knowledge about the functionality and configuration of specific GitLab services, ultimately saving time for quicker system deployment.


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